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Bnoerj.Winshoked Current release

This library is a GameComponent implementing Disabling Shortcut Keys in Games for the XNA FX v3.0. The provided component disables and enables the Windows shortcut keys in response to the game events Game.Activated and Game.Deactivated. More fine grained control is provided through the GameComponent.Enabled and GameComponent.DisableAccessibilityShortcutKeys properties.

How to use Bnoerj.Winshoked

Simply add an instance of the Bnoerj.Winshoked.WinshokedComponent to your games components collection. Enabling or disabling the component through Bnoerj.Winshoked.WinshokedComponent.Enabled will disable or enable the Windows shortcut keys respectively.


Some users may not be too happy when the Windows keys and/or the accessibility shortcut keys are disabled so you might want to add an option to your games settings to enable or disable the component.

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